The HORSE-SHOE was designed to eliminate coils on the pole in FTTP applications. This small version of an
OPTI-LOOP makes FTTP applications profitable and worthwhile.

  • No more "rats nests" on the pole or at the FTTP site.

For years, the broadband, utility and telco industries have been searching for a way to make “fiber to the home” or “fiber to the premise” applications profitable and worthwhile. In a fiber to the premise system (FTTP), the drop cable support fixture (DCSF) is used in conjunction with a multiple port splice closure to:

1) Protect the minimum bend radii of the multiple independent drop cables,
2) Provide a surplus length of drop cable for future expansion, and
3) Eliminate unsightly and exposed “coils” on the poles.

Fiber & Cable Accessories, Inc. recently developed a system to make this a reality. The product developed for this system is being referred to as a Horse- Shoe® and is literally a smaller version of the Opti-Loop®.

*Light weight, tough plastic UV resistant compound model
*Keyed bracket slot, to prevent twisting
*Weather resistant, non-rusting
*One tool, one bracket mounting
*Will hold all the drops for the largest terminal
*Meets minimum bend radius requirements
*Flared ends prevent chaffing and allow smooth transition to a terminal
*Stackable if necessary, with optional, longer bolt
*Spring type, lockable, fingers to hold fiber drops and cable. Nothing more

*No ty-wraps required
*Future drops can be added without disturbing the original bundle
*No coiling of the fiber drop that could introduce “twisting” if the reserve is
used at a later date
*Optional, changeable, mounting hardware for aerial, pole or below-grade
hand holes
*Adjustable length of reserve fiber, restricted only by the distance between
the attachments
*Patented design