The OPTI-LOOP ADSS reserve storage system is the only storage method
approved by leading ADSS fiber cable manufacturers that does not require
any messenger, strand or storage boxes.

The OPTI-LOOP storage system truly makes ADSS fiber cable SELF SUPPORT.

OPTI-LOOP is a complete system, specifically designed for aerially storing and protecting reserve lengths and splice points for ADDS (All Dielectric Self Support) cable.

The benefits of fiber storage loops have long made them the preferred industry method for storing and protecting reserved lengths of lashed fiber cable. The patented OPTI-LOOP system now offers the same benefits for users of ADSS (All Dielectric Self Support) cable.

All Dielectric Self-Storage Support (ADSS) fiber cable was intoduced to the industry to give access to previously unusable areas of the pole occupied by power.

ADSS contains no conductive properties, therefore it may be used above ground neutral. Engineers from Alcoa Fujikura LTD, and Fitel Lucent expressed their needs for a cost effective but safe method of storing ADSS fiber.

Fiber & Cable Accessories developed and patented the ADSS OPTI-LOOP fiber optic storage system and method, using the bowtie, double dead end.

Features of the OPTI-LOOP ADSS systems:

Extremely lightweight and compact to minimize stress and ice loading on the fiber cable.

Weight is evenly spread between two spans.

Cost effective - Installation of the OPTI-LOOP system is designed to be a one man, one tool, one truck, 30-45 minute operation. The stored length of cable can be lowered and reinstalled in minutes without disturbing the main run. The reduced cost associated with hardware, labor and equipment allows several OPTI-LOOP systems to be placed for the cost of one underground system.

Aesthetically neat and pleasant - All reserve cable and splice closures are safely and neatly secured aerially. There are no coils, boxes, "arm" assemblies or unsightly cable runs up and down the pole.

Provides a convenient and safe splice closure mounting point - splice closures are mounted directly to the Dead-End hardware, keeping it neatly secured with no load on the fiber cable.

Designed for use with Through or Butt Splices.

Approved for use in both the communication and supply regions of the pole.

Can be used with wood, steel or concrete poles.
Figure "8" storage pattern prevents twists in the fiber sheath when stored cable is retrieved for use.

No limit on amount of cable that can be stored.

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