1) Dead end the main cable run in each direction at the designated pole leaving a surplus cable loop of sufficient length to reach and enter
the splice vehicle.

2) Attach one half of the pole protection bracket to the pole at the appropriate height (six to twelve inches below the main cable run).
Use short lag screws in inside holes. See Illustration.

3) Raise the mid point of the surplus cable loop and position it into the conduit of the pole protection bracket. Position the two cable end
sections which exit the dead ends into the conduit of the pole protection bracket. Install and secure the outer cover. Use longer lag screws
in outside holes. See Illustration.

4) This process is referred to as the “bowtie method”. Using approved cable ties, secure one side of the “bowtie” loop to the main cable run,
working away from the pole to the location of the Opti-Loop® storage rack. Leave enough space at the end of the loop to attach the
Opti-Loop® storage rack.

5) Installing the Opti-Loop® storage rack:
*Attach the “Direct Attach” brackets to the Opti-Loop® per the illustration.
*The Opti-Loop® storage racks can simply be “hung” on the main cable run until exact placement is determined.
*Place the fiber cable surplus loop into the channel of the rack and secure to the rack using approved tie wraps.
*Install the cable protection grommets, adjustable from .4-.9 inches:
-Adjust the grommets so that they encircle the cable as completely as possible by tearing away the lateral strands.
-Place over the cable and position directly under the direct attach brackets with the opening in the grommets facing upward (at the
top or crest of the “doghouse” brackets).
*Secure the Opti-Loop® rack to the main cable run using the Dymetrol® DELRIN Dymetec A - Acetal 1/2” wide by .050” thick tie
wraps provided. Dymetrol® Model 400 hand tool is recommended to tighten and cut the tie wraps. Available by calling
866-964-8632 or visiting www.dymetrol.com. Or, you may order directly from Fiber & Cable Accessories, Inc., www.optiloop.com.

6) Repeat the process for the remaining opposite side of the Opti-Loop® storage loop.

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